What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing means to leave the management of some of the services you provide to Salgar’s expertise.
With this service we provide a solution to operational or budgetary challenges with a focus that combines economical, technological and physical infrastructure together with human resources.

We know that one of the most sought of objectives for all companies is to achieve the highest efficiency at the lowest cost, without forgetting to excel in quality standards and customer services.

Salgar On Line will provide you with the best way to achieve this goal.


Reduction of fixed costs and Optimization of the Resources


We give solution to functional and financial problems


Flexibility, Technology, Experience and Specialization to his entire disposition


The biggest efficacy with the most exact costs

Why outsourcing?

  • Economic Area: Costs saving – we help you to reduce and control your operation expenses by:
    • Eliminating training expenses.
    • Considerably cutting down structure and management expenses.
    • Cutting down on administrative and management expenses.
    • Cutting down on human resources costs and management.
    • Dramatically reducing your costs in maintenance and technical equipment.
  • Human resources Area: Human Resources optimization, getting the best individual performance and the best individual and collective results.
  • Specialization: all the services you entrust us with are performed by highly qualified professionals. The tasks are carried out by specifically trained Salgar On Line professionals.
    Focus: your board of directors can focus on strategic decisions and not worry about daily issues. This way we reduce to a minimum the opportunity cost of your structure.
  • Technology: As a specialist services provider, we put at your disposal highly developed management, care and control systems. We put the best optimized procedures and technical knowledge for your business in your hands.
  • Flexibility: When the use of our services decreases, the capacity required can easily be adjusted in a flexible way, with no need to incur the fixed costs of resources not used at that moment.


  • Considerable reduction in global and production costs of the services carried out.
  • An improvement in the quality of the service provided when compared to the existent one, due to the high capabilities of the human team and the high quality of the technical resources we offer. The experience and optimization of the processes developed for our team in every phase of the service are a guarantee for your success.
  • Specialized attention that allows teamwork with your organization department and methods to achieve the optimization or elimination of the processes.
  • Processes are carried out where, when and how you require, nothing less. This way we optimize the quality/cost relationship and help you manage correctly your company resources. Besides, you can be sure that our solutions are the ones you need to fit the circumstances and volume of your business.
  • Time saving as well as human and technical resources. From the simplest to the most difficult task, from the most time consuming to the simplest and fastest... we are the best solution for dealing with them.
  • Space reduction in your offices. At Salgar On Line we have the space, technical means and human team best suited to your needs.