Online Customer Services


What is online Customer Services?

It is a customer service via email, especially aimed to e-commerce sites and in general, to any company offering services in the internet or outside the net.

Who needs it?

Any website that offers products or services on the Internet as well as companies that sell services and products off line.


Online customer services

Personalized and efficient attention

Online customer services

Persons who attend to persons

Online customer services

Resolution of incidences of Internet services

Online customer services

We take care of your image opposite to your users

Why is it needed?

Because soon it will be compulsory to have it. Shortly, the Spanish Government will approve a “Customer Service Act” that will regulate this service and will make companies comply with it.

On the one hand, a high quality customer service will help us to:

  • Guarantee loyalty of existing customers.
    Efficient problem solving is the fastest and most effective way to turn round a situation of customer disappointment and change it into an added value to the product or service provided.
  • Recover disappointed customers.
    A claim made by a disappointed customer gives us the opportunity to recover an potentially lost customer and a chance to regain their loyalty.
  • Obtain new customers.
    An appropriate attention to product or service information requests is the best way to close a sale. If dealt with inappropriately it will stop it from happening.

All this with the comfort of email for the user as well as cost saving for the business owner.

How is it done?

1st Phase: Our Project Directors will work together with the site or offline business managers to study in detail the most frequent challenges and establish a protocol to enact in consequence.

2nd Phase: On the one hand we will install a problem manager in our server, specially dedicated to our customer and on the other hand, our Project Directors will train our expert staff on the protocols established for the service.

3rd Phase: Our customer services team, already trained in our customer needs, will proceed to manage incidences that might occur according to the established protocols.

4th Phase: For the duration of the service, our Project Directors will be in constant communication with the site or offline business managers and will coordinate with them all changes needed to the established protocols to continuously adjust to the customer’s needs.