Moderating contents

What is content moderation?

In Web 2.0 internet site contents are provided by third parties. These contents can be appropriate or not for the rules and objectives of the sites in which they are published. Moderating this content is the process that consists on reviewing data to validate if it is ok or not to be published on a particular site.

Who needs this?

As it is a question of checking the adequacy of the content, any web that allows third parties to enter data in their sites will need a moderation process.




Moderating contents

We protect your business: your web and your users.

Moderating contents

Review of the earnings realized in web 2.0

Moderating contents

Persons and half a technicians compromised with the quality of your contents.

Moderating contents

We assure the quality of your content.


Why is it needed?

The data entered may not be appropriate and achieve undesirable effects for the site’s owner. Some of the most frequent problems that can usually be found on a site are: scams aimed at the site users, publicity of competitors, illegal content… These kind of situations may end up in court cases against the site owners, negative publicity and losing users.

How is it done?

1st Phase: Our Project Directors work together with the managers of the site to study in detail all priorities, rules and dangers to be faced. We will agree on the rules to moderate the contents and from then on, together with our customer, we will establish the processes and protocols to be followed.

2nd Phase: Our Project Directors will train our teams on the moderation protocols that have been established with the customer for a particular site.

3rd Phase: Our moderation team, already trained in our customer needs, will proceed with the moderation process that, according to our customer, could be of two different types:

  • PREREVIEWING: reviewing of the contents BEFORE being published.
  • POSTREVIEWING: reviewing and/or editing or deleting inappropriate content AFTER being published by a third party.

4th Phase: For the duration of the service, our Project Directors will be in constant communication with the customer’s site managers and will coordinate with them all changes needed to the established protocols so to continually adjust to the customer’s needs.